A senior Polisario executive deserted to Spain

?According to some reliable Sahrawi sources close to the Front leaders whom “Polisario Confidentiel” has interviewed through phone, a senior executive of the Polisario Front movement would have deserted since almost one week and the Polisario Front Secretary General, Mohammed Abdelaziz, himself, would have tried to join him many times, but in vain. All the cell phones of this important person were turned off , all of a sudden, and himself seems to have disappeared in nature while he was in Spain to give a series of lectures organized by some pro-Polisario NGOs. His Algerian body guards, probably members of the intelligence services, the terrible DRS, would have alerted when they see that he did not return from what they thought to be a family meeting in the lobby of the hotel. Considered to be one of the potential successors to the present leader of the movement, this Polisario senior executive would be presently in Spain, and would have opened a channel of negotiations with Morocco so as to negotiate his return to his country. Observers interested in this issue are expecting very soon an announcement of his joining Morocco, in the coming weeks, once the members of his family would have left Mauritania where they are at present, to go to Spain.

The Chief of the Algerian intelligence services, the General Mohammed Taoufik Médiène,  would have sent  his investigators after him, but the Spanish services made it clear to the latter that they would not tolerate “the secret agents’ work at the Algerian way” on their territory, and the powerful generalissimo  resolved himself to champ at the bit .. for the time being.



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