Polisario looking hopelessly for a leader

At the Polisario Geneal Headquarters, a panicky wind blowing since many weeks. In fact, the Front Secretary General, Mohamed Abdelaziz, refuse to have anything to do with the meetings of the executive movement, showing this way his dissatisfaction with the recent evolutions. Among the latter, the pretensions of the young guard –wishing the retirement of Abdelaziz and his accepting an honorary post, leaving the place to a leader less favourable to Algiers’ inflexible positions- constitute certainly the element which annoys more the Polisario chief. In fact, Abdelaziz believes to have totally calmed down the wind of revolt after having succeeded to return, then manipulate, with the help of the Algerian services, a demonstration of young people in front of the General Headquarters.
Inspired by the Arab spring, some movements of young Sahrawis have in fact distributed some pamphlets calling to revolt against the unique party and nepotism inside the Polisario, and have announced, while being at it, their intention to organize a demonstration in the camps. Having learned about this potential revolt, Abdelaziz has called for the support of false demonstrators to whom his photos were distributed. Back to the wall (and face to kalashnikovs), the young people have despite of all, shouted down the Polisario leader, an act which pushed him to deep depression.

During a phone call with his old Algerian godfather, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the Polisario chief has made him this confidence: “you piss off, if you are no more able to organize a small revolutionary counter-demonstration, where are we going?”



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