Exclusive: The Algerian services send a team to New York to influence the resolution about Western Sahara

While the UN has to start immediately its discussions related to the coming adoption of a resolution on the Western Sahara, Algeria has put in motion the complex mechanism of its lobbying arsenal in the USA so as to try to influence the debates, and has decided to associate with it a “special” team from its intelligence services, the DRS (Intelligence and Security Department, led by General “Toufik” Mediene. It should be mentioned that, at the Security Council, the great majority of members support clearly the autonomy plan presented by Rabat in 2007, and should thus present a resolution with the same clauses as those included in the previous resolution.

Wishing to introduce a mechanism to control human rights in the South of Morocco, but curiously not in Tindouf, Algeria through the DRS (which detains the real power) has quickly sent a technical team specialized in the psychological operations, so that it may “find substitutes” in New York, and if necessary to “encourage” them so that they support the Algerian position. From the American side, there is so little appreciation of this DRS special team acts, especially that General “Toufik”, who was so close to George Bush security teams, is no more in Obama team’s bad book, which condemns the “borderline” practices of the powerful General, as well as his “small arrangements” with reality, namely concerning the situation of terrorism in the Sahelian zone. General Taoufik’s team was given a notice in a polite but firm way, that it should pay attention to its “operations” in the American territory, to the risk of its agents returning back earlier than expected to Algiers…



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