Confidential NATO-report: Kadhafi owes his amazing resistance to the Polisario mercenaries

The NATO executives are convinced that Kadhafi amazing resistance comes in great part from the mercenaries fighting at his sides, namely those of the Polisario. This certitude was confirmed by the revelations of a former supporter of colonel Kadhafi who has just taken the side of the rebels, according to the British daily “the Telegraph” which cites the senior executives of the Atlantic Alliance.
The Libyan dissident whose name was kept secret by the NATO services, has revealed that Colonel Kadhafi regime has spent many millions of dollars for the payment of Polisario mercenaries fighting at his side. The details of the agreement about the recruitment of hundreds of Polisario mercenaries have reached NATO executives through this dissident, who has himself negotiated the contract before deserting and taking the side of the rebels. According to him, the mercenaries are paid 10 000 dollars each for fighting during the two months at the side of colonel Kadhafi’s troops.
The revelations of this dissident confirm also that the entry into Libya of the Polisario mercenaries was achieved with the complicity of a particularly efficient intermediary. It concerns Mohamed Yeslem Beissat, former ambassador of the Polisario in Algeria, who has deep friendly relationships with the DRS executives, the dreadful Algerian military intelligence services.
The contract for the recruitment of Polisario mercenaries was signed at the beginning of last March, at the time when the regime of Mouammar Kadhafi was faltering dangerously under the rebellion’s attacks. Kadhafi’s commanders have also recruited many other mercenaries from Mali and Niger where some tribes have kept very strong links with the Libyan regime.

According to “The Telegraph”, the information obtained from the NATO executives at the beginning of the crisis showed already that Kadhafi relied strongly on the support of the mercenaries to defend his regime, but the recent revelations of the dissident show that the Libyan dictator is always looking for additional fighters.


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