The Polisario got in a stranglehold between the Mouradia and Ben-Aknoune

Since many weeks, a great confusion prevailing at the Polisario Front leadership, important friction has appeared on the background of the influence war, at the top of the Algerian godfather state.  Three clans are in a pitiless war to control the movement seeking independence, with an objective to control the manna representing the budget allocated to the lobbying and influence campaigns at the international level. At first level, the unavoidable Algerian intelligence service, the DRS (Security and Intelligence Department), wishing that the whole of the Polisario actions at the international level be coordinated by the “service”, and that the Algerian diplomatic representations do not appear that much.
The aim is to make less remarkable the Algerian support to the movement which was damaged by accuses of having provided Mouammar Kadhafi with mercenaries, which made nobody wanting to associate with it officially- on the background of a Morocco-Algerian warming atmosphere and the possible openness of the frontiers. It was nevertheless without relying on the lunatic activism of Abdelkader Messahel, the Deputy Minister in charge of Maghreban and African Affairs, responsible of this Western Sahara file and who wishes to keep it among its prerogatives, in order not to lose the secret “fabulous” funds he is managing. Massahel has thus complained to the Mouradia Palace, of this attempt from the services to take over “his file” from him and has asked for the arbitration of Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The latter, who seems to be recently in good terms with the DRS boss, General Mohammed Médiène “Toufik” has asked him to kindly ease off. Flat refusal of the easily offended General for whom the Polisario has become a danger for Algeria if it is not controlled very seriously. At Tindouf, Messahael supporters at the Polisario leadership have sharply made understood that they would make “seminars strikes” (in reference to the propaganda campaigns organized by Algiers to broadcast the Polisario action), if it is no more Messahel who is managing their file. Something worth watching…



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