Libya-Polisario: Algiers walked out on Kadhafi

The Algerian authorities are in a hurry to keep colonel Kadhafi at a distance from them and seem to have got in touch secretly with the Libyan opposition, according to some sources from Algiers. As a token of good will, Algiers has assured the CNT members, the Libyan national council for transition, that Algeria is ready to guarantee from now on the control of the frontiers between the two countries, putting an end to the departure of the Polisario mercenaries towards Libya.
This Algerian sudden change about the Libyan crisis was in preparation since a certain time already. But according to the same source, Algiers’ decision to break free from the regime of Kadhafi was precipitated by the CPI decision to take criminal proceedings against Kadhafi for crimes committed against humanity.
After the request of the public prosecutor of the international penal court, Ocampo, to deliver arrest mandate against the Libyan dictator, his son Seif Al Islam and the chief of the intelligence services Abdallah Al Senoussi, Algiers has understood that Kadhafi’s destiny was this time definitely confirmed. The Algerian authorities know pertinently that in giving such guarantees to the CN, they recognize in facto that they knew about the coming and going of Polisario elements from here and there of the Algero-Libyan frontiers.

Algiers trusted, at the same time, the accusations against those who are responsible of the Libyan rebellion against the Polisario. Ali Al Arichi, the resigned secretary, the equivalent of a Minister in Libya, has revealed, in details, information about the sending of Polisario mercenaries to help Kadhafi put down the rebellion. Especially, the chiefs of the opposition have revealed the involvement of the DRS (Algerian military intelligence) in the cross-borders traffic.
But for Algiers, it’s better too late than never. Especially that the Algerian executives know that it is the price to be paid so as not to lose the future leaders of the Libyan power.



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