Settling of scores within the Algerian authority : Ouyahia counter-attacks

In each one of its declarations to the media, we can see behind Ahmed Ouyahia the shadow of the Algerian intelligence services, giving him instructions about the path to follow, particularly concerning the Western Sahara. In fact, while everybody was expecting a real progress in the re-opening of the frontiers with Morocco, and when Bouteflika clan seemed to be pushing in favour of this strong symbolic gesture for the beginning of this summer, Ahmed Ouyahia has just made a complete  backward step when announcing that the opening of the frontiers is not “for tomorrow”, and accusing Morocco of having “activated its lobby” when it accused Algeria of having sent its mercenaries and arms to the Libyan leader. By accusing once again Morocco, Ouyahia disregards the reality and the numerous Western reports which state the activism of the Polisairo members at the sides of Mouammar Kadhafi, as well as videos showing the Sahrawis of Tindouf arrested by the Libyan resistance. But Ouyahia who is leading at present a war of the deaf to the President, wishes to show his being different from the Algerian President and to indicate that he would remain on the “hard and historical” line of the Algerian regime, illustrating this way the probable sudden change of the situation within the group of generals leading the oil-producing power.

In fact, while all the people thought that Bouteflika was maybe going to make a gesture of historical openness, because of his illness and the end of his mandate, Ouyahia, the declared candidate to the presidency, comes to remind of the “basic principles” by showing the kind of person he is. Too much delay for the achievement of a favourable evolution, at the same time, of the Morocco-Algerian relations and the Western Sahara conflict resolution…


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