Algeria- Kadhafi: the odious declarations of Seif Al-Islam

The media declaration of Kadhafi’s son, Seif Al-Islam, has strongly embarrassed the Algerian authorities. Especially that Algiers has firmly denied, along the last months, the information stating its involvement in the support provided to Kadhafi  in his war against Libyan rebellions. We should say that Algerians’ denial contained some doubt about the accusations of the Libyan opposition, but the declaration of Seif Al-Islam was a real disappointment for Algiers authorities. He specified to the Algerian daily newspaper Al Khabar that “Algeria has continuously been a faithful ally to Libya, contrary to other Arab countries which positions are shameful”, the troublemaker son of Mouammar was maybe not aware of his foolhardiness. He has said more than he should have to the point of hammering his discreet benefactors as Algiers has continuously acted with great carefulness. The generals and other senior officiers who were controlling the long Algero-Libyan borders, were keen to act according to indirect means.

Kadhafi clan should continue receiving help in armaments and mercenaries, but in the most discretion. However, these hidden movements do not pass unnoticed. Many reports, including those of NATO, have stated the departure from Algerian territory of hundreds of mercenaries convoyed till Libya to strongly help Kadhafi. Mohamed Yeslem Beissat, former ambassador of the Polisario Front in Algiers, has played and still plays, according to some well informed sources in Algiers, an essential role in this game. The Polisario leadership did no hesitate to entrust it with the mission of helping its old ally Kadhafi. Relying on his relations with influential executives from the DRS, the dreadful services of the Algerian military intelligence services, Beissat has let hundred of Polisario fighters pass through the Algerian frontiers to Libya. Thus, after having actively worked in the 70s and 80s against troops of Moroccan army in the Western Sahara, the old trio Algiers-Tripoli- Polisario gives the evidence that it is still operational.


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