A sharing of convictions that would cost Algiers not less than 10 billion euros

First act, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel declares beginning December 2010 in Berlin : « Germany shares the conviction of Algeria”,  on the Western Sahara issue. Second act, Algiers gives to four German companies, the most important contract concerning the selling of arms and military equipments (10 billion euros) never signed before by Algiers with a Western country. Epilogue: A steep bill for a small support from a Western power to the propagandist campaign of the Algerian regime in favour of the Polisario separatists. This is the statement made to us by a diplomat from an important chancery in Rabat, specifying that Algiers authorities are ready to pay whatever price to obtain a recognition or a simple declaration in favour of their unconditional support to the Polisario Front. During his official visit last December, to Berlin, the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, specifies the same diplomat who is following closely the evolution of the Western Sahara file, has succeeded to convince the German Chancellor, Angela Dorothea Merkel to make a little gesture towards the Polisario declaring in a joint press conference, that her country shared Algeria’s conviction on the Western Sahara issue.

In return of this declaration which was largely broadcasted, as usual, by the only media of Algeria and the Polisario, President Bouteflika has given his approval to conclude the most important contract regarding the selling of arms and military equipments that his country has never given before to a Western country not even to those traditionally close to Algeria. As an icing on the cake, the President has promised to Merkel the total support of his country to Germany’s candidacy for a permanent seat at the Security Council.  More than that, President Bouteflika has assured his interlocutor that his country will fight a campaign in favour of this candidacy at the African Union. President Bouteflika showed more generosity towards the understanding Angela Merkel, when he declares to have talked with this same person classified by the Forbes magazine at the head of the most powerful hundred women in the world from 2006 to 2009, “the large projects on which we are working together, namely that of Desertec which we will deepen jointly”. To open the doors of the Algerian desert to the German megaproject, Bouteflika has nevertheless, required from the German Chancellor to see to exclude the Western Sahara from this project. Who says better? The law of “a two-way street” has worked between Algiers and Berlin.



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