Aqmi or the Polisario behind the kidnapping of three European hostages in Tindouf ?

It is really a funny kidnapping full of mysteries the one that has just been operated on the Algerian territory. Who ever is responsible for this kidnapping, the latter incites to ask more than one question. Three members of NGOs, two Spanish and one Italian, were kidnapped this week-end in Rabouni, one of the refugees camps settled in the South-West of the Algerian desert. Two Spanish humanitarians, Aino Frenandez Coin, member of the association of friends of the Sahrawi people in Estremadure and Enrico Gonyalons, member of the Spanish NGO MUNUPA, and an Italian, Rossella Urru, member of the CCISPP NGO were kidnapped and taken in a vehicle by unknown persons, after their kidnapping during the night of Saturday, at approximately 11:54 pm (10h54 GMT) towards an unknown destination.
Before even waiting for the demands of this mysterious kidnapping to know the persons responsible of it, the Sahrawi ambassador and Polisario representative in Algiers, Brahim Ghali hurried to declare on Sunday the djihadists of Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) being responsible of this act “I accuse directly Al-Qaida of being responsible of the kidnapping of three foreigners”, has declared Brahim Ghali to the AFP.

But if we believe the version advanced by a fluent member of the R’guibate tribe which lives in Tindouf camps, it concerns an act achieved by Sahrawis in Tindouf camps. As explained by T.O.S. who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, with the system of control in Tindouf camps of refugees established by the dangerous Intelligence and Security Department (DRS – Algerian Military intelligence service) in coordination with the Polisario leadership, it is almost impossible for foreigners moving in a car to enter and leave the camps without being noticed.  Besides, the desert extent separating the Algerian city of Tindouf from the Malian and Mauritanian frontiers is highly controlled by the Algerian army and its military aviation. “I don’t see how a small group of so-called terrorists of Al Qaida can go till the centre of Rabouni camps, kidnap three foreigners and escape without being worried”, explains the R’guibi who is so close to the circles of decisions in Rabouni. “It would really be naïf, he adds, to believe those who say that the AQMI terrorists, who have covered almost 2000 km in the Algerian territory, may reach the Polisario headquarters in Rabouni, kidnap three European citizens, and turn back without being worried”. For our interlocutor, joined by phone, the three humanitarians have been kidnapped by the Polisario mercenaries who will give them to Al Qaida people in counter part of a sum of money and at this moment, the terrorist nebulous will claim the kidnapping as if it were its men who have accomplished it. The Algerian authorities have officially recognized the kidnapping but without giving any information about its circumstances and its authors. It seems that as soon as they have known about the news, the DRS high officials have dropped in Mohamed Abdelaziz’s office and have ordered him to resolve, as soon as possible, this issue in which are involved his men. Panic-stricken, the Polisario chief has immediately called his men in charge of security in the camps and has given them a dressing-down as they have never had before. Few hours afterwards, dozen of suspected people among whom some elements who have returned from the Libyan front, have been arrested on Sunday and have been led to secret places to undergo a thorough interrogation. Abdelaziz has even charged many elites groups to follow the kidnappers and to intercept them before they leave the Algerian territory. Armed to the teeth, the Polisario men have immediately started in 4×4 cars looking for the kidnappers who have gone towards the South, either towards the Mauritanian or the Malian frontiers. For our interlocutor, the version advanced quickly by the high Polisario officials, is simply a story which does not work.


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