Exclusive: Severe defeat of the Polisario Front in Bir Anzarane

It is a historical document and a poignant testimony that Polisario Confidential invites you to discover. Polisario Confidential came across “Paris Match” magazine of September 1979 and proposes it exclusively to its readers here. You will revive the historical defeat of the Polisario Front Guerrilla in Bir Anzarane by the detachment of lieutenant Colonel Ghoujdami, presented by Paris Match as the “New fox of the Desert”.

With few soldiers, the Moroccans will fight the most important battle of the Sahara history, which will be taught thereafter in the military academies of the whole world. It is also a historical flashback full of lessons about this period marked by the last decade of cold war, where the allies of the Eastern bloc try by all means to destabilize the Kingdom of Morocco. It is also the advent of new Moroccan military doctrines in the war of the desert and finally, it is the emergence of exceptional men for whom the defense of the fatherland is set up in cardinal virtue.
At times when the Polisario Front tries to repair its wounds, this flashback is salutary and constitutes an exceptional testimony of the Moroccan soldiers’ bravery.


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