Polisario : khatri Eddouh’s joke of the day !

Completely disorientated, the Polisario leaders make the most of their opportunities. Before the opening of the Polisario congress on Thursday in Tifariti, the President of the Sahrawi Parliament, Khatri Eddouh announced the arrest by the Sahrawi security services, of a group of persons who would be involved in the kidnapping of the three European aid workers in the end of October, in the West of Algeria. Such a revelation can be but a joke to improve the Polisario’s reputation tarnished these last months, with many doubtful affairs. Contacted by the “Polisario-confidentiel”, a specialist of the security and terrorism issues, explained to us that after the kidnapping in Tindouf, the Polisario leadership has accused Aqmi fighters of being responsible of this kidnapping. But after having noticed that Aqmi did not claim its responsibility of this kidnapping, the leaders of the movement for independence look at present to find foreign scapegoats so as to clear the Polisario front and to make some citizens of neighbour Sahel countries responsible of these acts. Moreover, considering the importance of this capture, wonders the same specialist, why the Sahrawi official did not specify neither the number of arrested persons nor the date and place of these arrests, nor even the identity or the nationality of the arrested persons. Eddouh merely said that the suspected persons “were acting on behalf of a criminal organization, unknown till now”, allusion made to an Aqmi dissident group, named “the movement for uniqueness and jihad in the West of Africa”.

Besides, in less than 48 hours after, a Malian official has told to the press agency AFP, a version of acts completely different from the one introduced by Khatri Eddouh. The would-be kidnappers of the three Europeans that the Polisario confirm to have arrested, specifies the Malian official, are in reality three Malian citizens kidnapped in their territory in the North of the country and do not have anything to do with the kidnapping of the last 23rd October in Tindouf camps. Some Polisario armed elements would have recently entered the administrative region of Tombouctou (North of Mali), where they have killed the named Yeyia Ould Hamed, and captured at least three other Malians taken afterwards to Tindouf camps. The Malian authorities have not yet reacted officially to the supposed intrusion of some Polisario elements into Mali. An investigation has already been started to have more details about this affair.


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