Polisario seeking to create rear bases in the Sahel

Some elements from the Polisario front increase these last times repeated  and unexplained intrusions in the Malian and Mauritanian territory. After the infiltration, in mid December, of a Polisario armed militia in the North of Mali, where it has killed a Malian and kidnapped some others, the Malian authorities have just announced the forced returning back of eight Sahrawis from the polisario. The latter who came from Niger tried to get into Mali which authorities suspect them of wanting to do some propaganda for the benefit of their separatist movement. The Malian authorities have become very suspicious as regard the elements coming from Tindouf Sahrawi camps. Their connection with the Aqmi terrorist groups in the Sahel has increased Bamako’s suspicions. These feelings of suspicion have been increased with the recent intrusion of other armed Sahrawis in the region of Tombouctou (North of mali), where they have killed the called Mohamed yeyia Ould Hamed, and captured at least three other Malian people whom they have taken to Tindouf camps.

The Polisario leadership waving the right of legal proceedings, pretends that these Malians would have participated on the last 23rd October to the kidnapping of three European aid workers (two Spanish and one Italian). The latter have been kidnapped by unknown person in Hassi rabouni camp hosting the Polisario HQ, near Tindouf in the South-West of Algeria. The two intrusions in Mali happen following the arrest on the 6th November in Nouadhibou (North-West of Mauritania), of the two polisario elements suspected of being part of the group of the three Western people’s kidnappers. These operations have led the specialist to present the hypothesis that the polisario was sub-contracting with Aqmi and were looking to settle, for their own account, the rear bases in the Sahel, where are proliferating all kinds of traffic (drug, arms, illegal immigration, kidnapping of Western people).


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