Mali- Polisario: Mohamed Abdelaziz very embarassed by the position of Algiers

From well informed sources in Tindouf, Mohamed Abdelaziz has revealed to his close lieutenants his being embarrassed by the attitude adopted by Algiers towards the de facto partition of Mali. As the situation, prevailing in the  North of Mali, henceforth, within the hands of the separatist touaregs, in agreement with the jihadists of Aqmi, puts the Polisario leadership in a cold sweat. The Polisario Front considers that Algiers’ eagerness to reject the declaration of independence of North of Mali, puts Algiers as well as the Polisario in an extravagant situation. It is a fact, believes the separatist front, that the decision of the Algerian authorities is in opposition with the principle of self-determination of people which Algiers states to be defending through its support to the Polisario for the independence of the Western Sahara. It is true that the Algerian attitude towards the independence of Azawad is caused by its fear that the contagion of independence reaches the other touaregs in the South of Algeria.

But still, it remains an incoherence which perturbs seriously the Polisario leaders. Mohamed Abdelaziz expects that the position of Algiers, taken in the hurry of events which have taken place in Mali, may have consequences at the international level and may seriously affect the Sahrawi cause, according to the same sources. Already shaken by the revelations on its participation to the battles on the sides of Kadhafi, the Polisario does not need to have this disruption  in Mali which weakens the position of Algiers and, indirectly, its own position. The Polisario has not yet found a way out of the involvement of its fighters in the kidnapping of Western hostages in October 2011, in Tindouf, that it finds itself again under the lights of the media. Especially, that the Polisario elements are regularly mentioned in the international press for their relationship with drugs and arms traffickers in the Sahel, and for their relationship with Aqmi terrorist groups.



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