Tindouf : Algiers maneuvers to thwart UN recommended census

Algeria and its puppet Polisario are extremely bothered by the latest UN Security Council resolution on the Western Sahara demanding to enable the HCR to conduct a census of the Sahraouis living in the Tindouf camps, in Southern Algeria, Sahraoui sources in Tindouf said.
Algeria and the Polisario are trying to anticipate the census whose outcome is unpredictable, the same sources said, adding that Algeria and its acolytes strive to rig the census. To this end, they seek to soar the number of people living in the camps by attracting Sahraouis from Algeria, Mauritania and Mali who will be presented to the census teams as refugees from the Western Sahara.
According to the same sources, Algiers, in agreement with some members of the Polisario leadership, has already started issuing ID documents to these fake “Sahraoui refugees”. The move is not however approved by Mohamed Khaddad, the polisario official in charge of relations with the MINURSO.
Khaddad is opposed to this subterfuge, deeming it a farcical scheme that can be easily uncovered by the HCR. If this was to happen, he argues, the image of the Polisario will be tarnished once again, mainly after the disastrous support it extended to Kaddafi and after its involvement in smuggling out weapons from Libya.

According to Khaddad, the Polisario should rather seek to make people forget its misdeeds and the setbacks it underwent during the past few months. The kidnapping of three Western humanitarian workers in October 2011 by Polisario elements, in connivance with terrorist groups tied to AQIM, comes on top of these crimes, not to mention the involvement of its members in struggles between terrorist groups and weapon traffickers’ networks on Malian territory.



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