The Official site of the Polisario Frente “hacked”

The official site of the Polisario, was victim this morning of “defacement”:  the main page of the site “was hacked” and posts that "the Sahara is Moroccan”.
The pirate signed “The X-Hacker” (not to be confused with Xhacker), until now completely unknown.
An important question arises: is the hacking originated from morocco or an attempt to endorse the Kingdom the responsibility a few weeks of Manhasset IV negotiations? It is legitimate to raise the question and to determine to whom the forfeiture would benefit. Indeed, if it is an independent initiative, work of a solitary pirate which is probably the case, this viral attack of great importance proves the determination of the Moroccans to counter the Polisario on the virtual ground, confident about their IT superiority. 

If it is an initiative directed by the Masters of Tindouf trying to play victims, the situation becomes more complex because only the owners of the site can determine with precision the IP from which this attack comes. So, is it a solitary tentative or a big manipulation? The history will tell. Any data-processing pirate leaves traces or expresses himself a posteriori on his exploit in specialized forums.


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