Tindouf Camps: Astonishing Numbers

No one seems able to give a reliable estimate of the sahraouis living in Tindouf camps run by the Polisario Front with the support of Algeria.
70.000, 140.000, 160.000, 50.000…and the international community, as well as the human organizations have to be satisfied with the figures given by the revolutionary movement.
This situation lasts for almost 32 years and nobody is ready to address it in a scientific way in spite of available handy tools, in particular the satellite imagery.
For its readers, Polisario Confidential did the count on the basis of undisputed key elements.

In the Seventies, according to the most reliable estimates, the number of sahraouis established in Tindouf is ten thousands. By adding the regional demographic averages, i.e. an average of the Moroccan, Mauritanian and Algerian fertility rates, an average of the death rate as well as an average of the population structure, we obtain the following results: from 1975 to 2003, the average population of the area almost doubled, passing from 17 million to 32 million for Algeria, 17, 5 million to 31 million for Morocco and finally 1, 4 million to 2, 9 million for Mauritania. Now let us apply this scientific ratio to the established sahraouies populations in Tindouf. Of almost 10 000 people in 1975, we should approach 20.000 people in 2003. However, this calculation would not be exhaustive if one does not add to it the populations who join in during the Sahara war, approximately 15.000 people. This increases the number to nearly 25.000 sahraouis in 1980, which should give us a figure of almost 47000 people in 2003.
The total people living in the Tindouf camps should be about fifty thousands in 2008.
If the figures advanced by the Polisario Front, with for objective to receive a consequent humanitarian aid were accurate, it would have been necessary that each woman gets pregnant 3, 4 times a year and that life expectancy is of 98 years…


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