Exclusive: Algeria asks the Polisario Front to pull out from Manhasset negotiations

Polisario-confidential has learned from a high ranked source in the Polisario Front that Algeria would have required of the revolutionary movement to slam the door of Manhasset IV negotiations to be held on March. In addition to the parties in conflict, neighboring countries will join the negotiations under the supervision of the UN mediator, Peter Van Walsum.
This “strategic withdrawal” dictated by Algeria, would aim to harden the terms of U.N. mediation and to stop direct discussions relating to the contents of the Moroccan plan, called the “Moroccan Autonomy Initiative for the South Provinces”.

Algeria is asking for a pull out of Manhasset negotiations even if the Polisario Front leaders expressed their will to remain on the table of discussions and not to practice the policy of the empty chair, fearing that Morocco will denounce the attitude of the revolutionary movement.
Always according to the same source, Algeria, via the DRS (the main Algerian Intelligence Agency) as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would have been in permanent liaison with the most influential members of the Polisario Frente pushing them to inflect their position and to stop the negotiations. The Masters of Algiers would have been surprised by the attitude of the Polisario Front, which shows a real will to continue the process of negotiations and  to even intensify it. Are there “fissures” within the movement? Is the Moroccan Plan gaining ground among the most moderate members of the Front? Answers in 15 Days time in Manhasset…


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