Algeria’s Lavished Assistance to the Polisario Denounced by Algerians

algerie-polisarioIt is no secrete that when the leaders of a country are cornered within their own borders, they inevitably seek an external enemy. Algerian generals seem to have followed this rule to the letter as illustrated by their billions worth assistance and unconditional support to the Polisario Front against “the Moroccan enemy.”
The Summer University held during the month of August in Boumerdes (near Algiers) to the attention of executives of the puppet Sahrawi Republic (SADR) is an additional evidence of this inexplicable obsession: the support to the Polisario within Algerian Political, academic or media circles must not die out.
However, the Algerian State’s unconditional support of the Polisario has been vehemently denounced by the Algerian e-journal The journal has actually criticized Algeria for “spending more for Western Sahara than for Kabylia.”
Besides, no one is able to quantify, even approximately, the billions paid by Algeria to the Polisario officials, the journal wrote, adding that the budget allotted to the Sahrawi Front “does not fall under the control of the government or the Parliament and remains a mystery.” Only senior officers of the DRS, the obscure Algerian military intelligence services, have an idea of this budget, said.
As a result, “a Sahrawi diplomat makes more money than his Algerian counterpart.” At some point, some Algerian ambassadors protested this unequal treatment but were quickly silenced by their hierarchy, explains quoting a former civil servant of the Algerian Foreign Ministry.
In fact, this never-ending animosity against Morocco that is fuelled by Algerian authorities is twofold: On the one hand, maintain Algerians’ fright of “the enemy” at their border, which is allegedly ready to pounce on their peaceful and harmless country.
On the other hand, maintain a sword of Damocles over Morocco’s head in relation with the Western Sahara.
And now, Algiers’ stance has become even more virulent and more worrying, especially since Morocco has put forward the autonomy proposal for a settlement of the Western Sahara issue.


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