Western Sahara: Algerian DRS Design Disturbance Scheme

aminatou-haidarThe unexpected visit four Spanish MPs, known for their positions on the Western Sahara issue, paid to Laayoune recently is only the beginning of a disturbance plot carefully designed by the Algerian intelligence military services (DRS).
According to well informed sources in Tindouf, the Polisario’s headquarters in Algeria, Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar plays a central role in this scheme. As she is living in Laayoune, Haidar is considered by DRS senior officers as the most appropriate go-between for contacts with separatists on the ground, known as “the internal Polisario.” These troublemakers respond to their instigators at the snap of the fingers.
The four Spanish parliamentarians’ visit to Laayoune at the invitation of Ms. Haidar is part of this plot and gives an idea of the DRS-devised plan, the same sources said.
The media effect of the sit-ins and demonstrations staged by few Sahrawis on the route taken by the Spanish MPs is guaranteed. Although most of the time the protesters’ number hardly exceeds two dozens, newsmen find in these protests a good subject and quickly grab their cameras when the protesters start smashing public property and hassling the law enforcement agents.
It is with this objective in mind that the DRS donated Mrs Haidar large amounts of money in Euros to finance the protest movements.
According to the same sources, the current offensive staged by the DRS in close coordination with “the internal Polisario” is just the beginning of an agitation plot, worked out in response to the diplomatic breakthrough recorded by Morocco in Africa and especially in Sahel and West African countries.


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