Exclusive: Defense Minister Raul Castro’s Instructions before leaving to Algeria in 1963

In an exclusive four pages document, we learn that Raul Castro, current Head of Cuban State, after the cerebral attack which put his brother out of state control, orders that the soldiers, in his absence, abstain from “drinking alcohol”, have “sexual intercourse with women”, to be “modest, friendly with the armed forces of the countries they visit”, in “respecting completely and absolutely habits and religions of the countries where they go”.

Revealed by the National Security Files, the secret documents of the Cuban ministry of defense directed back then by Major Raul Castro Cruz, allow us to clarify the “special” links between Algeria and Cuba just a few months before the visit of Ernesto Che Guevara to Algiers to formalize the creation of a revolutionary movement in the south of Morocco.
It is a true strategy of “infiltration” which was worked out by the Cuban revolutionary state to reassure their international partners including Algeria, in order to be able to penetrate on all levels the circles of power of these recently decolonized countries. This strategy proved to be paying for Cuba since the military and diplomatic bonds with Algeria never distended, the Cuban power maintaining the “military advisers” (political police chiefs) until 1983, according to a document recently declassified by the CIA, also revealed by Polisario-Confidential.

It is an invaluable document, which helps us understand the strategy of power deployed by Algeria in the Maghreb since the Sixties with the support of the Castro regime.


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