Slavery videos online suspicions of internal rivalry

French website announced yesterday that exclusive footage about slavery practices in Tindouf camps was on the popular videos-sharing website “youtube”, only a few hours after a mysterious contributor nicknamed “truthaboutsadr” has leaked the videos online. The videos are showing testimonies by a former child slave that is now living in Spain and doesn’t want to return to the camps. Also, images taken inside the camps, showing segregation between blacks and white are present in the videos, but it is still unclear who took the images. An interview by a western journalist of a former black slave is the most shocking part of this documentary. Apparently, nobody has still claimed ownership of these images, and questions are raised about their origin.

Indeed, how is it possible that footage like this can be taken out of the camps, knowing the thorough checks by the Polisario Frente police? Is it possible that those videos were leaked by an opposition movement inside the Polisario front, in order to hurt its actual leaders? All scenarios are possible at this point, because it seems that those videos would benefit more to internal opposition within the Polisario then to Morocco.


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