Algeria may have put pressure on “Youtube” to remove slavery videos

The “youtube” videos showing practices of slavery within the camps of Tindouf will have lasted online only one week.
According to a well informed source from the Algerian ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted by Polisario-confidential, Algeria may have put pressure on “youtube” to remove the incriminated videos arguing the non-payment of “video rights”.
After the announcement by of the launching of these videos by a mysterious contributor and in less than a week, more than 10.000 viewers have watched these two parts videos.
It is precisely this wave which Algeria sought to stop by urging “youtube” to stop the broadcasting of these two parts videos, entitled “Polisario apartheid”.


Always according to the same source, official Algerian instructions may have been given to their embassy in Washington to “do the necessary” and “freeze the videos”.
Fearing retaliatory measures by Algiers and by precaution, “youtube”, immediately responded.  However, the authenticity of the videos was never denied, neither by the Polisario Front, nor by Algeria.
The Algeria’s American experts in communication advised to keep quite fearing that the story will became a bigger issue.


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