Exclusive: former chief of the MINURSO wearing SADR pin

This picture could be two friends sharing a cigarette and jokes after a nice dinner… It is however an international scandal because the European protagonist in this picture has contravened UN rules and regulations. In fact, the smiling man in this picture is no less than General Kurt Mosgaard, ex- chief of the MINURSO military command, wearing a traditional sahraoui outfit on which he affixed a pin with the colors of the Sahraoui Arab Democratic Republic. The man on his right is the Polisario Frente Defense Minister, Mohammed Lamine Bouhali.  
By wearing this pin, Mosgaard discredits the UN mission in the area. He shows publicly his favor to one of the actors of the conflict, the Polisario Front, a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla opposing Morocco for 33 years. The job of Kurt Mosgaard is to observe the cease-fire in the most neutral way, in compliance with UN recommendations. It is the trust of the international community which is betrayed and the Moroccan people who are misled.
Several incidents enameled the passage of this Danish general as head of Minurso military command, one being the “the flag” incident, Moosgard deciding to remove the Moroccan flag from the MINURSO headquarters, provoking riots by Moroccan population.

{mosimage}General Moosgard, whose relations with the Moroccans worsened during its mandate, is now at the core of an international scandal. His partiality is questioned about the reports sent to the UN between 2005 and 2007.
What will be the answers of the UN and Morocco to this picture? Knowing that Kurt Mosgaard is lobbying  to secure a new command  within the DPKO (department of peace keeping), it is not excluded that the United Nations decide to exclude the soldier from further duty, leaving him thus more time to devote to the guerrilleros…


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