The General’s lost credibility…

Last week “Polisario Confidential” has published General Mosgaard picture wearing a pin with the colors of the Sahraoui Arab Democratic Republic.
This week, P.C is releasing for its readers, new pictures of the ex- chief of the MINURSO military command with Polisario Frente executives while visiting Tindouf camps located in South-west Algeria.
The new pictures obtained from the same source, show even more complicity between General Mosgaard and the Polisario Frente executives.
In charge of respecting the cease-fire in Sahara zone, General Kurt Mosgaard was during his mandate, more concerned by sparing the Polisario Frente and Algeria than following the UN rules. The obvious support of the General to the Polisario Frente Guerrilla continues even when he left office. The Danish general gave an interview to a pro Polisario Frente Norwegian association in which he said that UN would suffer from a “tropism” in favor of Morocco.
A chief of the MINURSO military command is not supposed to take sides and his partiality is questioned about the reports sent to the UN while in command.
Now that general Mosgaard is about to enjoy future “well deserved” retirement, he will be free to rally for any cause he likes.
“Polisario Confidential” has some suggestions:

{mosimage}To be part of an international committee enquiring investigation about suspected slavery practices within the camps of Tindouf.
To become a member in the board of the “European Anti Fraud office”, to help investigating embezzlement charges of humanitarian aid sent to the camps of Tindouf.
And finally, to convince still POW’s held during several decades by the Polisario Frente, that they were under custody of “fighters for freedom”.


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