Spain: New terrorist label for Polisario?

The news comes from Spain where the Polisario Front has its big supporters.
The Canarian Association of Terrorism Victims (ACAVITE) has filed a criminal suit against the Polisario Front after more than thirty years of suffering the consequences of its terrorist acts. Lucia Jimenez, president of ACAVITE has been active since 1999 (when Terrorism Victims Law became effective) and her father could be recognized as a victim of terrorism act. The accident took place on January 10, 1976 in Western Sahara where Francisco Jimenez was working as an electrician for Fos Bucraa (National Institute of Industry).  The vehicle in which Francisco Jimenez was traveling blew up when it drove over a landmine placed by the Polisario Front. He survived miraculously but suffered terrible physical and psychological consequences. Raimundo Lopez, another worker accompanying Jimenez, died on the spot.
Meanwhile, Anna Camacho of Strategic Studies Group and pro-Polisario has published an “analysis” where she stated that associating the Polisario Front with a form of terrorism will be the same as describing the French resistance or the ANC as terrorism organizations!
Mrs. Camacho tries to show in particular that Francisco Jimenez is in fact only “a collateral damage” in the name of the “right to self-determination”.
In fact, in this judiciary battle, the Polisario front is likely to loose and in that case, will be labeled again as a terrorist organization instead of “freedom fighters”, who are allegedly oppressed by the vile Moroccans.

It is on a political level that the front, supported by Algeria, tries to influence the Spanish judiciary system before the latter gives an inevitably negative sentence to the guerrilla. However, while trying to preempt the matter, the Polisario front awoke the painful memory of all those who were victims of abuses and who are likely to turn to justice in their turn …


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