Mr Mosgaard, they’re real, they’re fabulous, and we’re ready to send’em for expertise to the UNSG !

General Kurt Mosgaard, former head of Minurso’s military , attempted to respond to the release by “Polisario Confidential” of an exclusive image showing him wearing SADR’S emblem on a piece of Saharaui traditional clothing. The General, who has been embarrassed by the publication of this picture, gave an interview to the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, published on its website, where he states that " (he)I have certainly never borne a Polisario emblem on my clothing". Furthermore, the General asserts that "I do not know if the photograph has been manipulated or if the emblem has been placed there by someone". It looks like the General is accusing “Polisario Confidential” of manipulating the picture, or that the emblem was put on his clothes by “someone”, without his knowledge. Well, let’s resolve one part of the mystery: “Polisario Confidential” is ready to submit the photograph to the UN Secretary General and the Danish Government for independent expertise. If it turns out the picture is real-and we are certain it is- we suggest to the General that he resigns and write a letter of apology to the 30 million Moroccans he betrayed by being so obviously bias, whereas he was supposed to be strictly neutral. So, let’s get ready for some real piece of action, involving “Polisario Confidential”, The UN, The Danish Government, General Mosgaard, the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara and a photo lab.

Put your money on us…because we’ll win this thing. Furthermore, since the Norwegian Comitee is giving us advice on what we should write about, we advise all pro-polisario websites to write about Peter Van Walsum’s interview by the UNSC, because they might find that what the Dutch diplomat has to say about Western Sahara is pretty interesting.


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