Polisario: Three births per annum…

Often wrongly presented as a revolutionary movement, the Polisario Front hides actually a structure with complex ramifications extended through a certain number of networks resulting from former activists Marxist-Leninists of the Sixties.
Finding natural relays in the rare Communist Parties which still exist in Europe, the Polisario Front went, in 32 years, from subsisting, to saving and increasing their revenue. Several factors come to explain this situation.

Initially, the serious financial difficulties that Algeria went through in the Eighties considerably reduced subsidies paid to the leaders of the Front, who then sought means of diversifying their sources of income. Addition to that, the reduction of the Cuban aid in the Nineties made pressing the need for creating perennial “revenues”. It is then when the leaders of the Front started with systematically increasing the number of sequestered within the camps in order to receive a more substantial humanitarian aid.
Since 1991, the figures become insane, and the leaders of the Polisario did not even try to act in concert, which gives astonishing results…. Such representative of the Front will announce 140 000, another 200.000, then 70.000, in short, total cacophony.
This inflation of births (three gestations per year) starts to alarm the representatives of ONGS present on the field.
In 1999, those ONG required to be able to circulate freely within the camps in order to carry out an approximate census of the populations. These requests will remain answered until now.


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