The “discreet” meeting of the Algerian DRS and the Polisario Front

According to a reliable source, a discreet meeting  between Mohammed Sidati,  Polisario Front representative in  Europe and a representative of the DRS (Algerian secret service), took place last week. In the agenda: organizing the comeback of Mohammed Sidati, who will take part in the next direct talks with Morocco.
Sidati was isolated and confined to “representative” with the European media. However, ambition continues to devour this old revolutionist who would be the perfect successor of Mohammed Abdelaziz, who is getting more and more unpopular despite his re-election in December 2007.
Indeed, two movements are opposed now within the Front: the “realistic” ones who are convinced that Morocco will never give more than autonomy status. And in this case, it will be necessary to negotiate with the Kingdom to secure a maximum of “concessions”, and on the other hand, those who estimate that the Front must continue to assert independence with the risk to never get it.

Will there be a secret “deal” which will add  new development to the Sahara conflict?


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