Legislative Polls in Morocco: The Inside Story of Brahim Ghali’s Message to Ban Ki-moon

The campaign for the legislative elections in Morocco is in full swing, but for the separatist Polisario front, it is a source of additional hassle. The front’s leader Brahim Ghali fears above all a...
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Western Sahara: Polisario Definitely Dropped by Jamaica

Polisario leaders no longer know where to turn in the diplomatic battle with Morocco about the Western Sahara issue. During the current year, they have suffered a series of setbacks, the latest having...
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Polisario Greatly Disappointed after Latest Diplomatic Setbacks

Over a period of just ten days, the Polisario sustained a series of setbacks that made it clear to the Algeria-backed separatist movement that the diplomatic battle it is waging against Morocco about the...
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Venezuela Fails to Have Polisario Invited to Non-Aligned Movement Summit

The Polisario supporters find it increasingly hard to secure the separatist front’s access to a number of international meetings. The setback has just been experienced by Venezuela. Actually, the countries...
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Gargarate: the Polisario is Whistling in the Wind

The Polisario tries to elicit sympathy by any means. It is in this context that it vainly appealed to the United Nations after the combing operation conducted by Moroccan security services and customs...
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King Mohammed VI Hopes for Revival of “Sincere Solidarity” between Algerian, Moroccan peoples  

King Mohammed VI has once again reached out to Algeria, expressing hope for sincere solidarity between the Algerian and Moroccan peoples so that they continue to work together to serve Maghreb and Arab...
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Polisario Fears Expulsion from AU after Morocco’s Return

The Polisario leadership is unsettled since Morocco announced in July its intention to reintegrate the African Union (AU) especially that Morocco’s demand is supported by some thirty member countries,...
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Sahara: Polisario taken aback by strong-worded speech of Mohammed VI  

King Mohammed VI has seriously embarrassed the Polisario leadership when he stated on Saturday in the Throne Day speech that Morocco had managed to make of 2016 “the year of determination”...
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Bachir Mustafa Sayed’s Case: Tindouf Sahrawis very Skeptical

The brief and intriguing disappearance of Bachir Mustapha Sayed, last week, continues to fuel the doubts of the Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps who do not believe the version of events presented by the Polisario...
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AU: Morocco begins dismantling Polisario’s Republic

Morocco made a big move in Kigali. In deciding to return to the African Union, Rabat has maybe activated a process that could undo all what Algeria has fabricated to support the Polisario and its pseudo-republic...
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