Morocco’s imminent return to the African Union is becoming an obsessive concern for Algiers, as evidenced by the fever that gripped the Algerian diplomatic machine. This machine does not hesitate to...
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Polisario Does not Understand its Repeated Setbacks in Africa

According to a well-informed source in the Tindouf camps, the Polisario front and its mentor, Algeria, are disoriented and unable to understand the rapid changes in the position of many African countries,...
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Polisario chief Cancels Trip to Spain, Fearing To Be Captured

Polisario chief Brahim Ghali, a relentless torturer backed by Algerian regime, has dropped his travel plans to Spain fearing to fall in the hands of justice. The “Wanted man” was expected to...
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Arrivée de SM le Roi Mohammed VI à Dar es Salam

Western Sahara: Tanzania widens cracks in pro-Polisario camp in East Africa

The support enjoyed so far the Polisario in Africa is cracking. The latest evidence that the separatists are losing ground came from Tanzania. The East African country has actually expressed support to...
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Algeria: Polisario Chief Rejoices at Saadani’s Ouster

Joy seems uncontainable in the ranks of the Polisario after the sacking of Saadani Ammar from his position as Secretary General of the Algerian FLN. Saadani’s eviction is presented by the regime’s...
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Sahara: Algeria Irritated by King Mohammed VI’s African Tour

Algerian diplomacy has been at a loss since Morocco announced its desire to return to the African Union, and the current tour of King Mohammed VI in three countries in East Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania and...
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Sahara: The Clarification that Infuriated Lamamra

Ramtane Lamamra is not happy at all. It is Morocco’s ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, who is behind the Algerian Foreign Minister’s fury. Actually he did not appreciate the candid clarification...
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Polisario: Will Brahim Ghali Cancel his Trip to Spain?

The new leader of the Polisario seized the opportunity of a conference, to be held in November in Barcelona by a so-called “European Coordination” for solidarity with the Sahrawi front, to...
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Legislative Polls in Morocco: The Inside Story of Brahim Ghali’s Message to Ban Ki-moon

The campaign for the legislative elections in Morocco is in full swing, but for the separatist Polisario front, it is a source of additional hassle. The front’s leader Brahim Ghali fears above all a...
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Western Sahara: Polisario Definitely Dropped by Jamaica

Polisario leaders no longer know where to turn in the diplomatic battle with Morocco about the Western Sahara issue. During the current year, they have suffered a series of setbacks, the latest having...
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